About Us

We established the firm with the goal of combining the best of traditional strategy consulting and freelancing to build a new consulting model.

We took the benefits of years of consulting and industry knowledge, commercial pragmatism, collaboration, and flexibility – and left the unstructured and inconsistent world of traditional freelancing behind. The pure consulting methodology of Zecra Consulting allows everyone involved, consultants and clients, to focus on what matters most, making a lasting effect.

Our jobs are completed by independent consultants, which sets us apart. They are a group of remarkable individuals with whom we collaborate regularly. We have long-standing and strong relationships with our clients, and they continue to work with us. Our solutions produce excellent outcomes in strategy, operations and transformation.

Understand reality

We use traditional and creative approaches to collect and analyse high-quality data, bringing us closer to our market, reputation, clients, brand, and people.

Define opportunity

We use a combination of strategic and creative thinking to identify possibilities and determine the best ways to achieve them.

Create impact

We implement the strategy and generate tangible internal and external experiences and activations to provide an effect.